Hi and welcome to a workshop of Voltron Studio. We are very proud of our games that our team creates. Doing this we strongly believe that step by step we help you to show the world to our beloved children, teach them to live and enjoy. We understand that playing children get learnt. So we try to make games with a great sense of responsibility. Playing our games children can try themselves as a doctor or a driver, as a policeman or a fireman. And high-quality graphics and animations of our games will catch your child’s eye for many hours.

Despite the most of our games are for kids we also have some games for family. We are building and planning to release some games for adult audience. We hope they will find their fans and have a great success.

So follow us and check for updates on our website and Google Playmarket.


Akash Yv


Unity Developer

Subham Kumar

Graphic Designer

Sidhant Setu

Music Composer


UI/UX Designer